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Mission Statement

Do you want to maximize your soccer potential. Do you want your team to play at its best. I have learned my trade, I have studied my craft, and I know what I speak. This picture is of my trophy wall. I show this as a history of my soccer career both as a player and coach. Around one hundred and fifty at a guess. Knowledge is the key to success, and as I learned from others I pass this knowledge forward.  Whether as a parent or coach or interested party, sports can unite us all in a common interest. Be successful by being informed.


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I have some soccer training balls left over from covid. I will charge $20 a ball. If you get a team of 5 or more players, I will come to you and give you a free clinic for up to two hours. While supplies last.
Sizes 4 and 5.

Call and leave a message, 916 418 4444

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Kicking Clinic

Kicking Clinic

Play Video

Click on the play button and watch how to score goals. If you or your team are not scoring goals I can help

Special Entry-level Coaching Clinic

If you are an entry-level coach, maybe first-time coaching. Maybe you need some guidance on drills practice set up and ways to efficiently run your team. Novissoccer will come to your practice, evaluate your players and show you a format that best fits your skillset and that of your team Don't go to practice unsure if you are doing the right thing. Don't ask advice from those who don't know your needs. Become confident in your coaching abilities. Novissocer can help.

The total fee for a single practice assessment is $95.

Be empowered by knowledge.                                                       e-mail us at.......

Novis soccer Videos

Indoor Soccer all-star Benefit the early nineties.

A demonstration of what good shooting technique can offer.

Tools developed by Novis soccer

to improve soccer development 


Youth soccer
a Platform
for success
10 most
youth soccer
Based on my 50+ years of
experience as a player/coach


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Kykmate trainer was designed and trademarked exclusively by Novissoccer. This is a training development tool that teaches the correct kicking technique. asy.

Novissoccer Clinics

Novissoccer specializes in skill driven clinics. The individual skill level within a team is the determining factor to a team's success. Novissoccer specializes in evaluations and the transfers of those evaluation into specific training drills that target team and individual needs. Quantity is not the path to success, Knowledge and quality training is the only path to reach one's full potential.


Correct kicking Techniques

I find it amazing how after decades of soccer advancements, so many players don't know how to kick a soccer ball correctly or even efficiently. By efficiently I mean maximizing leg strength and being able to decide the right kick for the right situation. Even at the college level I observe many players unable to strike the ball correctly. Correct techniques can only be taught by a person who understands those techniques. Just swinging your foot at the ball is not the answer. For a limited time only while supplies last., Novissoccer will offer a 2-hour training session teaching the correct way to strike a soccer ball. This class will not only benefit players of all ages but coaches who wish to give their players productive information.

Team Clinic up to 18 players. 

Free Kykmate soccer ball with this clinic, price adjustment according to location and number of players.


Individual Skill Development

Individual skill development relies on the correct evaluation of a player. Not all players are created equally when it comes to mechanics. Trying to teach a player to emulate an individual skill of another will on most occasions end in frustration and failure. Each player within a team structure has a unique ability. Identifying and developing that unique ability is the best pathway for maximizing one's potential. Novissoccer has trained players of all ages and all levels. The maximization of individual ability is the determining factor in how far a player may progress. Maximizing one's potential is the definition of success. Pushing toward an unattainable level is the definition of failure.

Minimum 5 players $45 per player

Individual skill drills work better in small groups. 


Youth Soccer Handbook a platform for success

Over my 50-plus years of playing/coaching there is not much I have not seen. So much success, yet so much destruction. So much happiness yet so much disappointment. This is what the passion of sports brings us. I have seen families and friends' bond over this sport I love, however I have seen families and friendships fractured by this sport I love. I wrote Youth soccer handbook a platform for success because I want to offer sound honest information to all who want to get the most out of their soccer experiences. This book is an information tool designed to help guide you through the highs and lows, the truths and misinformation, the positives and negatives that engulf the soccer experience.  Information is the key to staying on the path to success, so be informed. This book was written for you.

Novissoccer believes time and knowledge have value. There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to training options. Back in the day, Novissoccer would charge $2 a player. Oh, how times have changed. Novissoccer has simplified the cost and training fees to a one-price system. The set fee for a clinic is $45 per player.  Some fees can be adjusted depending on indoor outdoor and location. The set time is 2 hours. It's up to you if you bring a small group or a team. It's also up to you to choose specifically what you want to work on. Goal scoring, shooting, dribbling, goalkeeping, etc. etc. Good training has value and we at Novissoccer are proud of the value we offer. Novissoccer can come to you, or an indoor field can be arranged. Thank you. Novissoccer 

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