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Mission Statement

I have been playing and coaching soccer for many decades. I have been successful at every level in which I have competed. Through all the years I have been involved with soccer, there is one reality that stands above all others, and that is if you learn to love the game, the game will bring you much pleasure. The greater the success the greater the pleasure and pleasure in Novissoccer terms, is not the result of a game it is if a player competes to the best of their individual ability. All the above is only achieved if a player is taught sound fundamentals and those fundamentals are used as the building block for each player to reach their full potential at whatever level that may be.

These are the founding principles of Novissoccer development programs.

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Current Events and analysis

In the early eighties when I was transitioning from playing to coaching, I would often comment to my European friends that America with all its great facilities and abundance of young talent would in twenty years be competing for a world cup. The usual reply was humor and disagreement. Fast forward forty years later and I say with sound knowledge of what I speak, youth soccer within the United States although massive in its participant rate, one of the largest numbers in the world I might add has lost its way. If you watched the World cup games as I did and have an honest assessment, you will observe that the USA physically was as dominant as all competition. The desire to compete matched their competition. In these two areas, the US matched the rest of the world. Where the US fell short was the individual skill side, both in decision-making and technical ability.  Although the players gave their all, at the highest levels of Soccer skill is the defining factor that wins a game. The reason that this department is so lacking in US soccer is, at the youth levels winning athletic ability and money controls who plays. Some examples, a coach at the completive level in my area charges $1500 per team and can have up to 4 teams. A club in my area can have rosters of twenty players or more only the biggest and strongest at the moment are picked for the weekend game. So talented late developers get passed by.  Individual development can only come from sound programs that focus on the player, not on money and results. When winning and money become the driving factor development suffers. Unless there is a dramatic transformation in US youth soccer development programs, the stagnation of skill development will keep US soccer in the doldrums of mediocracy.  Croatia in the last world cup made it to the finals, they have a population of 4 million people. The US has a population of three hundred and fifty million. It can be done, but I say again the development of the young without the destruction that the need to win today brings, is the only path to the maximization of individual skill development. You can have it all now or build for the future, but you can't have it all. Just my thoughts based on 50-plus years of experience. 




Kykmate Soccer Training Ball

Developed and designed exclusively by Novissoccer. Kicking a soccer ball correctly is one of the most needed skills in soccer, yet one of the most incorrectly understood. It saddens me to watch players at all levels who are unable to kick a soccer ball correctly and as such puts limits their true potential. I often wonder how much more they could enjoy the game if this verry important skill had been developed.

The good news is, it's never too late to learn. Kykmate has been exclusively designed to teach all ages how to improve their kicking techniques from beginner to advanced.  Novissoccer offers all levels of individual or team skill training and evaluation. All you need to ask yourself is "what is my true potential".

Free kykmate soccer ball for each player in Kicking clinic

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Knowledge is the key to success. Novissoccer wrote this book based on thirty plus years of coaching and a lifetime of playing. to offer soccer parents knowledge. Be informed don't hand your child over to a program and hope for the best. Novissoccer has developed many programs and trained many coaches, so if you as a parent coach or program needs answers you may find them in this book. If your program needs some guidance Novissoccer can help.


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Novissoccer Clinics

Novissoccer specializes in skill driven clinics. The individual skill level within a team is the determining factor to a team's success. Novissoccer specializes in evaluations and the transfers of those evaluation into specific training drills that target team and individual needs. Quantity is not the path to success, Knowledge and quality training is the only path to reach one's full potential.


Correct kicking Techniques

I find it amazing how after decades of soccer advancements, so many players don't know how to kick a soccer ball correctly or even efficiently. By efficiently I mean maximizing leg strength and being able to decide the right kick for the right situation. Even at the college level I observe many players unable to strike the ball correctly. Correct techniques can only be taught by a person who understands those techniques. Just swinging your foot at the ball is not the answer. For a limited time only while supplies last., Novissoccer will offer a 2-hour training session teaching the correct way to strike a soccer ball. This class will not only benefit players of all ages but coaches who wish to give their players productive information.

Team Clinic up to 18 players.  Flat rate $250

Free Kykmate soccer ball with this clinic.


Individual Skill Development

Individual skill development relies on the correct evaluation of a player. Not all players are created equally when it comes to mechanics. Trying to teach a player to emulate an individual skill of another will on most occasions end in frustration and failure. Each player within a team structure has a unique ability. Identifying and developing that unique ability is the best pathway for maximizing one's potential. Novissoccer has trained players of all ages and all levels. The maximization of individual ability is the determining factor in how far a player may progress. Maximizing one's potential is the definition of success. Pushing toward an unattainable level is the definition of failure.

$250 flat minimum 5 players maximum up to 18 players 


Development vs Destruction

Over my 40 plus years of coaching there is not much I have not seen. So much success, yet so much destruction. So much happiness yet so much disappointment. This is what the passion of sports brings us. I have seen families and friends' bond over this sport I love, however I have seen families and friendships fractured by this sport I love. I wrote Development vs Destruction because I have seen first-hand so much development yet so much destruction. This book is an information tool designed to help guide you through the highs and lows, the truths and misinformation, the positives and negatives that engulf the soccer experience.  Information is the key to staying on the path to success, so be informed. This book was written for you.

Novissoccer Evaluation Clinic

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This is my trophy wall over a hundred I might guess, all won or presented to me as a player or coach. Leading goal scorers are my favorite which I have a few. I show this history of my achievements as a testament to my successes. I have learned my trade from the ground up. Knowledge is the key to success and knowledge is what I will pass on.

The single most important part of soccer training is the evaluation of a player or team. It is a mistake to assume that emulating another player's style is your pathway to success. Each player has their unique abilities, it is the evaluation of these abilities that have allowed Novissoccer to be so successful. In the evaluation clinic, your skills and knowledge of play will be assessed. Guidelines will be suggested for higher skill advancement.

Whether beginner or playing at the highest levels, or if you are an older team entering in the senior tournaments. A team skill clinic will help you both individually and also to be a more cohesive unit. knowledge is power, be the best you can be regardless of age. 

However, I will say with honesty that development in US soccer has become stagnant because the physical ability to compete is only half the battle and, in my assessment, the hunger for winning has suffocated development. An understanding of the game is just as important as being physically dominant. Balancing the physical ability, technical ability with knowledge of game situations, is a must if a player is going to become complete and as such reach maximum potential. You can go for it all now or you can plan for the future, it's a choice but I remind you. You can't have it all now, winning and development often go counteractive.  

United States has the highest number of top-level athletes, and the best facilities, yet lack the most important ingredient to building great soccer players and that is access to top training for all regardless of income. In my area playing on a competitive youth team can cost a family $10,000 per player per year. Until this changes youth soccer will never reach its full potential. Novissoccer is trying to change that narrative by offering sound affordable training to all. Knowledge is the key to success. So be informed.


  • Novissoccer fees

  • Training 2-hour session / or as needed.

  • Team or program evaluation

  • Training session minimum 5 players per session 

  • Team clinic up to 18 players

  • All clinic's Flat rate of $250

  • Travel costs may be negotiated

  • All fees and waivers must be completed before the clinic starts

  • Additional field cost for Indoor Training


For free 20-minute consultation on needs and clinic call message line. Thank you.


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